Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilizing your lawn is the easiest and most beneficial way to optimize the health of your property. Let our certified lawn care specialists customize a fertilization package to meet your specific needs.

1st Treatment: Weed & Feed

Early Spring, April

This application delivers pre-emergent herbicide to fight off crabgrass before it invades your lawn. It also provides a specific dose of fertilizer to enhance and speed up the color of your grass all while keeping other broad leaf weeds under control.

2nd Treatment: Weed & Feed

Early Summer, May

Round two gets your lawn ready for the stressful summer months ahead. It provides a broad leaf control and fertilizer combo that’s harsh on weeds but gentle on grass. This combo is also offered as spot spraying for all future applications.

3rd Treatment: Weed Control

Late Summer, July

This treatment targets the weeds that are hardest to kill. At this time, we also like to focus on insect issues by applying commercial grade grub control.

4th Treatment, Weed & Feed

Late August, Early Sept.

This is the 2nd most important application as it provides the fertilizer and broad leaf combo that will protect and feed your lawn through the fall and winter months ahead.

5th Treatment: Fertilization

Late Fall: November

This is the most important application of the year! Round 5 is armed to treat your lawn with quick release nitrogen fertilizer which is essential for deep root development and a healthy spring green-up.

Additional Services

Irrigation We offer start up, maintenance and closing services to properly maintain the moisture of your lawn.

Core Aeration Highly recommended for weak or starter lawns. Aeration breaks up soil compaction allowing for optimal nutrient uptake and healthy root growth.

Hydro-Seeding  Let us reseed those patchy areas in your lawn that are preventing it from being the envy of the neighborhood

Pest Spray Having trouble with a specific pest? Let us know and we’ll take care of it!